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Self-Confidence Comes From Preparation

Self-Confidence Leader
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We often listen to someone discussing whether or not a leader was successful, or weather some program; idea or activity was a success. Far too often, however, there is little attention paid to one of the most relevant keys to success, which indeed is self-confidence. Unlike some other traits, there is no such thing as a little pledge when it comes to leadership, because a leader either is self-confident, or is not. This was put into words briefly and precisely by the late Arthur Ashe, when he said, "One important key to success is self-confidence. A significant key to self-confidence is preparation." While Mr. Ashe was discussing this as it relates to sports, this concept is even more suitable when it comes to being a successful leader.

1. It should be clear to anyone in a leadership position that the better prepared they are, the more success they might enjoy. Then, why, are so many in leadership positions so obviously either unprepared or under-prepared? Just like the great competitor must practice regularly using optimum form and technique to optimize his performance, unless someone in leadership practices and prepares in a professional, effective manner, his chances to achieve are significantly minimized. Unfortunately, few organizations prioritize leadership training, most often not paying much attention until the issue has become a near crisis situation. Those organizations that are must viable, maintain their relevancy by having an ongoing device for identifying, qualifying, and training leaders. Only when proper and effective system is used can there be true planning and preparation.

2. Once somebody is trained professionally, he must commit to using what he has learned. That means that the individual must trust in what he hears, and utilize those skills. It also requires a strong - willed person with inner strength, who is tough enough to withstand the certain challenges of leadership. Only with proper learning and understanding can a leader cultivate real self-confidence, and only then will he be able to use his training combined with his experience to develop skill and meaningful knowledge. With use and the positive frame of mind and attitude, can someone then feel confident enough to act on his opinions and analyses, and do so even when it may not always be the popular thing to do.

Leadership must always be about doing the right thing, not the self-serving thing. Only self-assured, prepared leaders continue and take needed, timely action, while others often waver, delay and shiver in fear.


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