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Why do we need to take food supplement?

Why do we need to take food supplement?

It’s true that we don’t need supplement if we just eat right. But how many of us eat three square meals a day? How many of us eat nine servings of fruits & vegetables daily which is the recommended daily requirements? 

To have good health, we must have good nutrition. Humans have known this instinctively since they first roamed the earth, searching for food to make them strong, healthy & resilient.

Despite the fact that we are more aware than ever of the importance of good nutrition, very few of us get all of the nutrients we need. Active lifestyles, poor food & lifestyle choices, & pollution all challenge our bodies. Much of the food we eat today is heavily processed and often doesn’t supply adequate nutrition. Therefore, food supplementation is vital. 

Suppose a hotel was constructed, and all the bricks are chipped or cracked. Maybe every third or fourth brick, there is no brick. The effect is, if it is raining outside, we will get wet because the wind will come through it. It’s getting cool when the winter comes and the wind blows through. If there is a big hurricane or little earth tremor, the whole building will fall because the foundation is not solid. That’s exactly how some people build themselves. We see guys in there forties running in the park, he seems in good health. Then we find out next week that he dropped dead of a heart attack. He has no foundation. That’s how important food supplements are.

We are a self-regulating machine if we feed ourselves properly. There’s this whole idea of looking at balance, & harmony, & how things can heal themselves. You need to be looking at balance. And that’s what Nature’s Way / AIM Global products are really about. These things, nutrition, herbs, other natural products are about balancing, and healing the body & letting it take care itself.

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